2650 John street,
Unit #24, Markham,
Ontario - L3R2W6
Phone: 905-604-4360
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Welcome to Geotech Support

Geotechnical Investigations is considered by far the most critical aspect of any construction project be it small or of a high complexity nature.

It involves a comprehensive series of planning, coordination and effective execution of the field work in order to provide the required information for the highly trained Geotechnical Engineers to make analytical and informed Engineering recommendations for the proposed constructions.

A significant portion of the Geotechnical Investigation budget for a project is usually expended in the field either as a direct expense or in most cases as disbursements. The careful planning and coordination to avoid budget over-run often can become stressful for the Project Engineers and take expensive time away from their Engineering analysis of data and compilation of the report.

Geotech Support Services is a Company that is geared, primarily to take the burden of the Field Work off the Project Manager. Imagine what it would be like to assign the work of related permits application, drilling, traffic control, coring concrete and asphalt, daylighting, drilling supervision, sample delivery, materials supply, boreholes survey, water level readings, general site management, site clean up, and restoration concrete and asphalt coring. - all at a ONE STOP SHOP! - Geotech Support Services Inc. - "supporting your geotechnical investigation"

Explore our website and learn more about services. www.geotechsupport.com